Question: How old do I have to be to rent from Summer Breeze?

Answer: You must be 25 years of age or older to rent from us. Renter must have boating experience. Those without experience may book a charter captain at a rate of $150 per four hours.

Question: Who is allowed to pilot the boat?

Answer: The only person permitted to pilot the boat is the customer who signs the boat rental agreement. Your deposit will be forfeit if any other passenger is found piloting the boat. No Exceptions!!

Question: Is alcohol allowed?

Answer: We do not allow alcohol aboard our boats. Coolers are checked prior to departure.

Question: Are pets allowed on vessels?      

Answer: No. We love animals as much as the next person but your furry friends cannot accompany you on our boats. 

Question: What types of boats do you rent?      

Answer: We rent bow rider power boats and that is all we do. We do not rent jetskis, pontoons or any other type of boats.

Question: Are vessels permitted to navigate into the ocean?      

Answer: No. While our vessels are more than adequate for the intercoastal and adjoining rivers, they are classified as "small crafts" and we do not allow guests to navigate out of the inlet. All of our boats are equipped with GPS. Your deposit will be forfeit should the GPS track reveal that you navigated beyond any inlet.

Question: Where do I go for my rental?      

Answer: Our boats are located in the water at English Landing Marina 509 S. Ponce De Leon Blvd, St. Augustine FL 32084. Please meet us at our trailer to complete all necessary paperwork prior to departure.

Question: What happens in the case of inclement weather?      

Answer: We want all of our guests to be safe. In the event of severe weather, we ask that our guests seek shelter or come back to the marina. We do not issue refunds or credits due to weather.

Question: What happens if I damage the boat during my rental?      

Answer: Your deposit will be withheld until an estimate is received for repairs. As per our Rental Agreement, the renter is responsible for all damage while the boat is in their possession. If the repair cost exceeds the deposit amount then Summer Breeze Boat Rental will work with the customer so that they can satisfy payment of the remaining amount. 

Question: What happens if I return the boat late?     

Answer: Summer Breeze Boat Rental reserves the right to charge $160/hour starting 5 minutes past the scheduled rental end time. We expect all boats to be returned by the scheduled time so that we may prepare for the next guest. Please be prompt when returning your rental boat. 

Question: When will my deposit be refunded?     

Answer: Summer Breeze Boat Rental will inspect all boats upon return. Undamaged boats will be refueled at which point the deposit minus fuel cost will be scheduled for return within 5 business days. Damaged boats will require an estimate and will delay return of the deposit until damage is assessed and repairs are made. Fuel cost will also be calculated and deducted from the deposit. 

Question: Why haven't I received my deposit refund?     

Answer: Summer Breeze Boat Rental will issue a refund deposit minus fuel immediately following the rental. Once the refund is issued, it may take different lengths of time for the refund to be credited to your account based on the policy of your financial institution.

Question: What if I need to reschedule?     

Answer: We want our customers to be satisfied and will make every effort to reschedule if necessary. Rescheduling must be requested at least 24 hours prior to scheduled departure. Summer Breeze Boat Rental reserves the right to keep a deposit if the renter cancels their appointment or fails to reschedule at least 24 hours prior. 

Question: What happens if I experience mechanical issues during the rental?     

Answer: In the case of mechanical issues, Summer Breeze will have the boat towed back to the marina for service. The customer will either be reimbursed for the prorated amount of their rental or may request a rain check toward a future rental.